Superior Methodology

At Adirondack Environmental Services, Inc., we understand the pressures on our customers for adherence to regulatory requirements. We work with every client to ensure that each analysis produces dependable data.

From Field to Lab

From sample collection to laboratory analysis to disposal, our rigorous methodology ensures the integrity of your data. 

Effective methodology starts in the field with appropriate sampling procedure. Our Field Services department will work with you to design the most effective methodology, whether you are collecting your own samples or using our Field Services team to manage field sampling for you.

Field Services employs conventional and newer methodologies, such as EPA Low-Flow Low Stress Sampling and Passive Diffusion Bag Samples for groundwater, and Low-Level Mercury sampling for wastewater.

At the lab, each sample is logged and scheduled. Adirondack's operational excellence enables us to effectively handle hundreds of samples daily, to manage complex holding times, and to deliver the resulting data to the right person -- on time, every time.

Environmental Investigations

Adirondack is devoted to finding the information you seek. Our people are experienced and dedicated. Through the years, we have been able to devise methods for accurately sampling and analyzing a huge variety of client challenges.


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