Cutting-Edge Technology

Adirondack Environmental Services, Inc. is committed to providing the very best that science has to offer. Analytical instrumentation is continually upgraded to keep pace with the changing needs of our clients and the environment. Down time is prevented with the availability of backup instrumentation for every analysis in each laboratory.

Our laboratory technology base includes:

  • Powerful microscopy capabilities including Optical Microscopy: PLM and PCM and Macrophotography. Electron microscopy: SEM with EDXRF, TEM with EDXRF and SAED. Digital imaging providing QIA (Quantitative Image Analysis) for specialized techniques including automated particle size distribution, colorized elemental x-ray mapping and Stereo/3D imaging and email digital image reports.
  • Gas Chromatography and Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry
  • Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) Analysis
  • Full Wet Chemisty Lab
  • Low-Level Mercury

In the field, our Field Services team deploys a wide range of conventional and cutting-edge sampling technologies, including:

  • EPA Low Flow Stress Sampling
  • Passive Diffusion Sampling Devices
  • LMPL and DMPL
  • Low-Level Mercury


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