Material & Product Testing

The range of analyses brought to our lab defies description. We handle diverse forensic examinations of products, product components, and materials. Each such analysis is so unique that it invariably requires us to develop custom methodologies for everything from sample collection and prep to analysis. Few laboratories can tackle such challenges with the confidence of Adirondack.

Experience and Analytical Technologies

Such explorations are possible only because of the experience of our people and the breadth and sophistication of our laboratory equipment, which includes:

  • Powerful microscopy capabilities including Optical Microscopy: PLM and PCM and Macrophotography. Electron microscopy: SEM with EDXRF, TEM with EDXRF and SAED. Digital imaging providing QIA (Quantitative Image Analysis) for specialized techniques including automated particle size distribution, colorized elemental x-ray mapping and Stereo/3D imaging and email digital image reports.
  • Gas Chromatography and Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry
  • Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) Analysis
  • Full Wet Chemisty Lab

From Product Design to Failure Analysis

Our expertise encompasses design conformance, quality assurance, and failure analysis for organic and inorganic materials including high-tech composites, paper products, filter media, metals and alloys, silicons, rubber and plastics, and ceramics.

We can support everything from product design to manufacturing and quality control. Wherever the potential for failure exists, your company's reputation is at stake. Trust in Adirondack Environmental Services.

Got a unique problem? We can tackle it!

  • Identifying particulates isolated from:
    • The environment
    • Manufactured product
    • Crime scenes
    • High-tech components
    • Malfunctioning equipment
  • Elemental characterization of nanoparticles
  • Patent evaluation or defense
  • Particle species identification


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