Water Quality Monitoring

Our water sampling and testing services cover the full spectrum of pollution prevention, investigation, and remediation scenarios. Adirondack's Field Services team brings in-depth experience and the latest technology to your job. Our dedicated professionals adhere precisely to local, state, and federal methods. All are certified for industrial hygiene sampling as well.

Groundwater Monitoring

Testing for organic and inorganic pollutants in landfill and superfund site monitoring wells is an important service at Adirondack. In addition to conventional sampling methods, we also specialize in:

  • EPA Low-Flow Low-Purge Stress Sampling
  • Deployment and retrieval for Passive Samplers
  • Source liquids collection for Light Nonaqueous Phase Liquid Analysis (LMPL) and Nonaqueous Phase Liquid Analysis (DMPL)

Potable Water Sampling

Adirondack is very experienced in both field sampling and analysis of surface and drinking water. We are certified by EPA and several states for sampling and testing the concentrations and characterizations of potable water in public water systems.

Wastewater Sampling

We offer permit compliance scheduling and sampling for industrial wastewater monitoring in both compliance and investigative applications. Sampling includes:

  • SPDES State Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
  • NPDES National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
  • Pre-treatment sampling for local sewer districts
  • Low-Level Mercury sampling

Storm Water Monitoring

Not all labs offer storm water monitoring because it is extremely complex and demanding. Adirondack's Field Services experts are trained, skilled, and ready to conduct field storm water sampling under even hazardous conditions.


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