Ensuring Data Integrity from Start to Finish

Accurate data starts with proper sampling technique. Adirondack Environmental Services deploys the most seasoned and devoted Field Services sample collection team in the northeast. Every job is unique. Whether we're sampling for an ongoing wastewater permit or collecting a hazardous surface contamination sample at a worksite, we have the skills and know-how to do it right.

Many people think of analytical services as a technology and methodology business. Not Adirondack Environmental Services. We know that you rely on your lab to deliver accurate results from every analysis.

Many clients hire us to serve as an independent 3rd party for sample collection. Our Field Services department goes above and beyond to design and manage a competent sampling program or study. We leave nothing to chance. We follow the proscribed methodologies and custom design effective sampling methods. For compliance sampling, we manage the schedule so you don't have to. For investigations or remediation, we work with the site team to correctly extract the right sample for the method required.

Cross-Trained and Certified

inset2.jpgOur field services technicians are seasoned professionals with in-depth experience in the rigorous demands of environmental, industrial hygiene, and hazardous material testing. When they arrive at your site, our technicians:

  • Understand the data objectives of your program and how to collect the proper sample for the lab
  • Are fully cross-trained in all our analytical service areas
  • Have the required licenses and certifications:
    • inset_1.jpgTraining in Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER)
    • Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC)
    • DOE clearance credential
    • Mine Safety & Health (MSH)
    • Asbestos certifications
  • Give rigorous attention to detail
  • Do even the toughest jobs, including:
    • Low-Level Mercury sampling
    • Storm water monitoring
    • Hazardous site surface wipes
    • Waste stream sampling

The result? You can be confident that you will get accurate data, on time, every time.


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