Industrial Hygiene Sampling

As part of an initial worksite evaluation, ongoing OSHA compliance monitoring, or an emergency involving hazardous materials, count on our experienced Industrial Hygienists and Industrial Hygiene Technicians to help ensure your workplace is safe and healthy.

We are experienced in diverse industries including pharmaceutical and medical device manufacture, sand foundries, electroplating operations, heavy welding and specialty metals fabrication, food and nutrient makers, heavy and light industry, emerging nanotechnologies, heavy construction, hazardous material abatement activities, as well as "clean office" environmental assessments. Adirondack has on staff an ABIH certified industrial hygienist (CIH) with nearly 25 years experience working both in the US Navy (DOD) and with commercial and governmental clients.

Field services include:

  • All types of occupational exposure monitoring
  • Indoor air/environmental quality evaluations (IAQ/IEQ)
  • Environmental air sampling
  • Post-Spill contamination assessments
  • Community Air Monitoring Program (CAMP) development and implementation
  • Asbestos and lead project compliance management
  • Surface contamination assessments
  • Microbial air and surface sampling for mold and bacteria
  • Commercial mold assessment and mold abatement plan development
  • Community noise assessments
  • LEED post-construction air testing certification

We have the expertise to devise the appropriate scheduling and sampling methodologies to meet your individual needs.  We sample following methodologies that conform to various regulatory agencies (OSHA/NIOSH/MSHA/EPA) or other acceptable protocols that will meet your company needs.


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