Environmental Investigation

From Superfund sites and landfills to community air and workplace hazards, Adirondack accurately identifies contaminants and hazard levels in soil, sludge, water, air, and waste.  Rely on us for field sampling and superior laboratory analysis.

Data Integrity from Start to Finish

A unique value available through Adirondack is complete field-to-lab support. Our expert Field Services and Industrial Hygiene provides assessment, method development, and correct sampling. They have the training and credentials to work in diverse environments:

  • CIH certification
  • NY State Licensed Asbestos Inspectors, Project Monitors, Air Sampling Technicians, and Project Designers
  • Department of Energy (DOE) Security Clearances
  • Hazardous Waste Site Operations (HAZWOPER) trained
  • TWIC credentialed for MTSA-regulated facilities and vessels
  • AIHA-LAP,LLC laboratory accreditation

Sophistication in the Labs

Adirondack is accredited to provide environmental, safety and health testing to NIOSH, NELAC, NVLAP, CT DPH, MA-DEP and AIHA-LAP, LLC standards. We are capable of producing EPA contract Laboratory Protocol (CLP) and providing Category A and B (ASP type) reports.

Our laboratory scientists are devoted and committed to doing each analysis correctly, and supported with leading-edge technology, including:

  • Low-Level Mercury
  • Gas Chromatographs
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy
  • Transmission Electron Microscopy
  • GC Mass Spectrometry
  • Chromatography
  • Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP)
  • Mercury Analyzers


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