With 28 years of experience in everything from industrial hygiene to pollution prevention and control, Adirondack has earned the trust of industry, government, regulatory agencies, and consultants. Our experience extends:

  • Air contaminants: Indoor Air Quality, Ambient Air Quality, and Community or Environment Air Monitoring
  • Water: groundwater, wastewater, storm water, surface and potable water
  • Soil, sludge, and hazardous waste
  • Trace metal analysis, including Low-Level Mercury
  • Volatile and semi-volatile analysis
  • PCB analysis
  • Asbestos
  • Pesticide and herbicide

Start with Correct Sampling

We design and manage field sampling programs for every imaginable scenario. From the uniquely sensitive requirements of Low-Level Mercury Sampling to the detailed composite sampling of contaminated soil or water sites, we have the experience in the field to ensure that each sample that goes to the lab will produce accurate information.

Sophisticated Laboratory Analysis

Every scientist and technician in our laboratory takes pride in proper handling at each step of the analysis. We understand that we are critical partners in the success of your compliance programs, whether it's asbestos monitoring in the workplace or monitoring of PCBs in a superfund site. 


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