Rigorous Quality Across All Your Applications

Adirondack is devoted to finding the information you seek. Our people are experienced and dedicated. Through the years, we have been able to devise methods for accurately sampling and analyzing a huge variety of client challenges. Most of these challenges fall into one of the categories below.

With 28 years of experience in industrial hygiene and analysis for pollution prevention and control, Adirondack is outstanding at designing, scheduling, managing, and supporting reliable monitoring programs.
From Superfund sites and landfills to community air and workplace hazards, Adirondack accurately identifies contaminants and hazard levels in soil, sludge, water, air, and waste. Rely on us for field sampling and superior laboratory analysis.
Our seasoned team of Certified Industrial Hygienists, Asbestos Inspectors, Project Monitors, and Industrial Hygiene Technicians provide comprehensive exposure monitoring services for workplaces including construction sites, foundries, nanotechnology, pharmaceutical, transportation, food service, cleanrooms, medical device manufacturing, utilities, hospitals, colleges and universities, as well as office environments.
We support forensic analysis, patent protection, product design, and quality control applications. Wherever unidentified contaminants or the potential for material failure exists, your company's reputation is at stake. Trust in Adirondack Environmental Services to deliver accurate insight.
Adirondack stays abreast of changing federal-, state-, and industry-regulated methods and technologies. We also have the dynamic skillsets and experience to develop custom methods for the many analytical challenges requiring them.


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